ETC5521 Tutorial 5

Statistical inference for exploratory methods


Prof. Di Cook


August 24, 2023

🎯 Objectives

Learn to apply visual inference to different types of plots.

🔧 Preparation

The reading for this week is Wickham et al. (2010) Graphical inference for Infovis. It is a basic introduction to inference for exploratory data analysis, especially for data visualisation. - Complete the weekly quiz, before the deadline! - Make sure you have this list of R packages installed:

install.packages(c("tidyverse", "datarium", "broom", "nullabor"))
  • Open your RStudio Project for this unit, (the one you created in week 1, eda or ETC5521). Create a .Rmd document for this week’s activities.

Exercise 1: Skittles experiment